would the world stop spinning
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2003-07-08 15:54:43 (UTC)

HELLO........... it s been a..


it's been a long time since i posted, or so it feels like.
i've been in springfield since thursday with caela.. she
should be in mexico right now...waiting on her plan to cuba.
(lol.. it'd be nice to be going anywhere right now VIA
she's such an amazing girl.. i was talking with emily about
caela and i,and our relationship last night...(you see em's
having some love probs right now and i'm not the best
person for her to talk to,cuz of the whole hopeless romance
thing,but i'm trying to help her out as best i can)i was
explaining that caela is not the girl who walks into a room
and my heart races..she's the girl who walks into a room
and my whole head races and i lose my breath a little...
sorta leaves me high,ya know? it's more than a fluttering's more than studdering over my words.i've never
felt so close to anyone in such a short time,like i have a
bigger connection with her. i never had that with aften
esp.. i never let my guard down completely with her b/c i
didn't have time with all the fireing at me she was
doing,with caela,i got into this with my guard broke off if
you will.i didn't feel the need to have my guard up on this
one. i still miss aften now and then(lots too much
sometimes) but then i think about how she was my entire
world for almost two whole world! i don't want
anyone,ever again,to be my's uneven earth..
much to unsturdy for my liking.

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