lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-07-08 07:32:19 (UTC)

pardon my french

but you're...haha ok i won't finish's a ferris bueller line. no
one's seen that movie. i'll just accept it. ahhhh...youth culture
going straight down the drain.

so pardon me while i just acknowledge that i have noticed the
arrival of a new lindsay diary with a rather unfortunate coauthor.
and it's obviously not me, good riddance and cross yourself twice.
haha. but from what i've heard, our jolly little elf has created some
mischief of his own while i've been gone? ahh why must i miss all
the drama? there's nothing like a little home-grown controversy...

anyhow, i'm back in california for good now and i'm thinking about
how i want to do these entries...because i want to do them...for the
record, i print out my entries and plan on giving a ten-thousand
page book to my kids so they can laugh at my teenage escapades.
or else i'll just sell it on ebay. you never know.

well i think i'll begin by saying this: my new favorite song has hit
the airwaves. i heard it in hawaii and thought i was dreaming...but
NO!!! ahh sheer brilliance! awww!


girl, that's gotta hurt
take some time and adjust
can't you see people staring
and making a fuss?
could not believe my eyes
had to take a second glance
is your crotch hungry girl
cause it's eatin' your pants!

fanny pack- camel toe