Montana bound
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2003-07-08 03:00:01 (UTC)

Reluctant admission

Though I am loathe to admit it, I have to say there are
certain qualities about the Bitch that I miss. Not the
person herself, really only one aspect.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a girl
interested in video games, sci-fi/fantasy movies and books,
role playing (not the sexual kind, though that's always
nice, too); basically geeky stuff? It's damn near
impossible. I can think of only two I've ever met. The
Bitch and Tenisha, neither of which I'm interested it.

If you're wondering where this came from, I was watching
The Fellowship Of The Ring the other day for the umpteenth
time, and out of nowhere came the memory of when I watched
The Two Towers with the Bitch, the Lying Bastard, Syra's
Little Helper and Yvette. At the time I was still friends
with all of them, though I was discouraging of the Bitch's
continual efforts with me. Anyway, she and Yvette are
nearly if not equally as geeky about LOTR as I am, and
though I was being careful to make sure the Bitch didn't
get too comfortable with me, I honestly enjoyed seeing it
with a girl who was truly and equally excited about it as
I. That is a very rare thing these days.

I don't know. I need to stop thinking of her, otherwise I
might get the stupid notion into my head that I like her
again. I think it best to avoid going down that path
again. Oh well. Hopefully I can find someone with that
and more when I get the hell out of here.