A day in the life....
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2003-07-08 02:52:39 (UTC)

Proposal's my version of how it all happened.
July 3rd, about 10:30pm
Brown County State Park.
Brian and i were sitting on a picnic table overlooking a
ravine filled with fog and fireflies. It was a beautifully
clear summer night and the stars were out in full force. Absolutely
beautiful. He was messing with the ring i got in Glorieta, New Mexico
that i've worn for the past 3 years. I didn't think too much of it
because he's done that for as long as i've been with him. But he then
stood up and kissed my forehead and i looked away at the stars,
trying to act shy and coy. Then i look back at him and he's on one
knee and i'm starting to say "Oh...My...Gos...""Erin,
Willyoumarryme?" "Yes!" And he puts the ring on my finger and i hug
him like i'm never letting go. And i'm giggling and getting kinda
teary eyed, but not too much. But i just giggled and laughed for the
next 30 minutes straight. I also rolled around in the grass and
yelled out "WoooHooo!!!!" *laughs* i haven't really stopped laughing
since then. But he asked me if i wanted to see the ring, since it was
really dark out, and he gets out his flashlight, turns it on and
blinds me..well not directly, the light's reflection off of the ring
did. And it's GORGEOUS! It's a round .66 karat diamond in the center
of a white gold setting and there's a small round sapphire on either
side of the diamond. There's also 12 tiny diamonds set into the band
and Dang is it every sparkly! But after that we had to go and
basically wake up his entire family. His mom cried. We called his
brother at about midnight to let him know. but i was still giggling.
I was so Suprised! My parents had known since Memorial Day! And i
didn't suspect a thing. But we stayed in Brown County that night and
the next day, then we travelled on to Muncie to tell my family. The
entire way there we were following a big big storm so we were
watching all this lightning. We saw 2 double rainbows on our way. We
stopped by our friends Andy and Kimberly's to say hello and share the
news. *smiles* my dad's parents were the next to know followed
shortly by my mom's side. Then we went back to brown county the next
night and then to Linton to see Craig and then to Sandborn to see
Grandma and Grandpa J. Then finally headed home about 5pm.
It's been an eventful weekend :o)
God bless y'all

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