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2003-07-07 23:04:23 (UTC)

July 7th...just another boring day.

wow..its hot in here.
I haven't really written in this for a while...sorry.. I
did not need to let everyone know what was going on. i've
decided that this is not where I write letters to people so
they can read them and write back in their journal. If I
wanted to confront someone I would atleast write them a
letter. And I frankly have nothing important to say to
anyone that does not really matter to me. I'm enjoying my
life right now. Pretty soon I will be headed off to college
to "higher my education"...sounds good. Misty is still
trying to figure out exactly what is in store for her in
her future. A car most definately...Right now we are both
just trying to get our feet firmly planted on the ground so
when we do go off to a new will have strong
roots. She is talking to her father now...but she still
doesnt want to go back. That is ok with me... We have to
get the couch seems to be covered in clothes.
We have been crashing on the floor lately. Its good for
your back and its comfortable...But I would take my lovely
ol' couch any day. We slept on the ground on friday
night...that was fun...we watched the fireflies...there
were so many it looked like the stars were flashin us.
woohooo....;) We went canoeing and swimming in our
underwear and we just had a lot of fun this weekend up
North. Oh yea...some bras are transparent when they get wet.
Im kinda surprised that we didnt get lost at all trying to
find our way up to the cabin. I havent been up there in
years. But I had no problem. But I wasnt too into the whole
4 hour drive...that sucked...I burnt one arm..the other is
just a lil tan.
My motorcycle is ready...I just have to change the tire and
get it inspected. woohoo. I cant wait.
So Misty wanted me to start painting again. What am I gonna
say, No?...uh way...she'd beat the shit outta me.
Im just kidding. Well, I have to go clean up my room a
little. Write later.


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