Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-07-07 07:26:46 (UTC)

help me please

Well... for the month of july i am down in missouri with
my cousins.... its just soo much fun... i really want this
guy.... its my older cousins friend... and i mean... do i
want him bad... but i dunno if he knows it or not... and
im afraid that if he does know he doesnt like me but if he
doesnt know..... how to show it... with out being to
obvious... ya know what i mean... but the only bad thing
about him is he is a man whore... and that sucks soo bad!!
b/c well he is all about fuckin and i want a
relationship... i mena i'd fuck him dont get me wrong but
the question is would he fuck me? i think he wouldnt but
thats b/c im so negitive... i hardly think good
thoughts.... but then i came down here and i kinda think
good but then i think oh what about this or what about
that... geez i need some help... please someone.... anyone
help me please!

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