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2003-07-07 05:55:08 (UTC)

My Angel

I was so down and alone in this cold world
with no place no where in which I could turn
it felt I had nothing else here to live for
everything there is to know I felt i'd already learned

Nothing to live for and no one here with me
A dark empty scary unforgetable horrible place
but then i picked up my head and before my eyes
i saw the gentlest most peaceful looking face

You told me everything will be ok soon enough
and that i would no longer feel so lost and alone
then a few moments later there was a ringing sound
it was the sound of my once silent phone

It was an old friend i grew so far away from
telling me they wanted to befriend me again
With a smile on my face that just before wore a frown
I said excitedly just tell me where and tell me when

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