Nick's Journal
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2003-07-07 01:43:43 (UTC)

Mexican Circus and other Oxymorons

well i guess that a mexican circus isn't exactly an
oxymoron's since it seems the only thing mexicans are good
at is being poor and making asses of themselves. anyhow,
i was at six flags with juliann and her parents today and
i saw a show that featured 6 mexicans (aka "a circus").
some of the tricks they performed were, sliding around the
floor on their greasy-ass mexican hair, riding onto the
stage in a truck and suffocating, and of course my
favorite, not contributing to society.
after that we went on some of the roller coasters, and i
absolutely love roller coasters. the only thing i will
not do is anything where i hang. i will not hang. mainly
because last time i hung from a roller coasters my huge
nuts nailed someone on the forehead as we passed by
so overall this summer has been fun. i'm really starting
to miss austria (das vaterland), the more i have to stay
around here. really i know i'm a spoiled snob, but i go
by the principle of, "if you're a starving ethiopian who
doesn't know what a cheesy-gordita crunch tastes like you
won't miss it". see most people say how much they "need
something", what they're really saying is that they want
it. like for example....puerto ricans want dignity, what
they really mean is that they "need dignity". eh i don't
know where i'm going with that.
so anyhow, i'm a few days away from going to san francisco
the fag capitol of the world. that should be
interesting. the only thing more infectious than a phage
virus is a back alley in san francisco.
i keep on playing with the underside of the wrist-rest at
juliann's house. it has a sorta rubber gooey thing going
which is irresistible. all i want to do is finger it all
the time........wonder if it's made of the same stuff
pussies are.
anyways.....i'm out!

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