mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2003-07-06 20:07:59 (UTC)

what am i supposed to do ?

what am i supposed to do ? my wife wants to leave me
because our sex life has hit zero. we have been married for
only 6 months, but i am shaking so hhard that it is almost
impossible to type a single letter at a time. for the past
week my daughter had been visiting from ct, and i am very
attached to my children. both my wife and i suffer
depression, and with having to bring my daughter back to
her mother today, last night was extra difficult. add to
that the fact that i am balding ,something that i am not
taaking well, i hate to be kidded about it. well, Lisa's
113 yo son has made it his special project to constantly
ridicule me with words(baldy, skinhead, ect0 or aactions
constantly rubbing his head around me. i cant even type
this i am shaking so much. i want this marriage to work,
but I have one stepchild that will listen as long as his
brother isnt around , and one that refuses to listen to me
regardless. I am doing what i can for this marriage, but i
am at my wits end, i cant even keep my emotiioons in check
or stop shaking because of this. i miss my wifess arms
holding me at night, i need to know that this will work. I
pray every night foor the strenght to keep going, i love
these kids believe it or not , i even got their names pput
into a tattoo a got a couple weeks ago. all i am asking for
is to be treated with respect, so much stress will be
lifted if i could get some respect and have the name
calling stop. my self esteem is totallly shot, i sit around
all day doing nothing, without a job a feel like a piece of
crap and with all the name calling and stuff i cobntinue to
have suicidal feelings, i just cant help myself, why goo
on if nothing is going to change,someone please give me the
hope the something is going to get better, PLEASE