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2003-07-06 19:57:26 (UTC)

Before I leave

I'm going to be living at her place for the week so I
can't guarantee that I'll be writing in this all week in
case I get caught-cuz that might suck!
So yeah, Anna asked me yesterday if there was anything
trivial about her that drives me the way she
eats or things like that. And the funny thing is, I
really can't think of anything in particular that bothers
me. Like sure there's a lot of things that piss me off
about her but not little trivial things-more like bigger
things like her rampages that she goes on and her
manipulativeness etc. But yeah, and I know we lived
together for a month on our trip but this time it's at her
house-like when we were on our trip, it was kinda neutral
territory yah know, but now I'm in her space. I dunno, I
don't know if I could handle anyone living at my house no
matter who it was (even her) for a long period. So we
shall see how that works, she offered to drop me off at
her arch nemeisis tomorrow where I think it would be
amusing to see someone and have someone see her drop me's raining today, the one thing I miss about GW's
is the mornings where I'd go to her place for breakfast
and that one rainy day where GW phoned just as I was
coming up to her range road, so I phoned said I'd be over
and she made me an egg mcmuffin (well similar idea) and
then we spent the entire day just doing nothing around her
house, it was so nice...and then I was at her place the
other day after I spent the night and we just sat on the
porch with the camp stuff and whatever...I'm all happy
again...but we'll see if that lasts the week.