champagne supernova
2003-07-06 15:39:10 (UTC)

porcelin rabbit

well here i am in virginia. sitting at bobbys computer
desk, he had to take his mom somewhere and i was like ok
cool..ill keep myself occupied. and that what im doing
now. so alot of stuff has happened since i have been
here! and i have one weeek left and i am not the
slightest bit depressed about leaving becasue i know he is
comming home to be with me in a few weeks so i will see
him again sooon! my rita had a suck ass fourth of july
and that makes me mad! i know her dada and i know what he
is like...and i know he damn well knows he isnt sposed to
drink around her ...grrrr....bad rudy. mine wasnt that
great either. i mean, ok we had a few firewroks which was
cool but i got tired around like 9 o clock adn tried to go
to sleep while waiting for bobby to get back with kevin
and kevins girl of the moment ...ahhh julie? ... yea
julie... and that took them an hour an a half casue they
drove around looking for a place that would take a credit
card for fireworks... didnt happen. so i was tired.. and
we gota few fireworks. we went outside and bobbys friends
kevin and derrrick were there,... adn its weird seeing
derick now since i had a class with him in 7 grade, and he
was a bout 4 feet tall 90 pounds.. now hes about 6 foot
and 220.
so weird but my nihgt started to slip when kevin...
who is a proclaimmed jesus lover... decided he would ask
to borrow bobbys lighter to smoke a joint in derricks car.
they started fighting and it wasnt good casue bobby didnt
want him to do it and such. but they did it anyway. bobby
was pissed and i wasnt having much fun. they came back
stoned and tryed to light the fireworks by taking a can of
airosole deoderant and a lighter...u do the math. not
good derrick burned this shit outta his hand. oh well
thats what u get for smokin the dope. but do not
misunderstand i am having a good time here minus the dumb
shit people do sometimes. i miss everyone sooooo much its
horrible. and damn it im cold at nite casue freaking bobby
is a blanket hog!!!!! BLANKET HOG! lol but its ok.. i
have a back up blanket now for these instances. but ill
tell more tales later... there are manyyyyyyyyyyy more!
love ya guys! and im glad chris and diego both had a good
birthday! bye!