2003-07-06 04:38:44 (UTC)

I ll call Shio tomorrow. I..

I'll call Shio tomorrow. I wanna go club. Karoline came
over for our crappy little not even whole family and one
neighbor barbecue. We were suppose to meditate but she had
a thing to draw, so I thought, hey why not. Why should I
kill her ambition. Besides she hardly ever gets up to do
this kinda stuff and she came to me to do it cause she used
to do this stuff in Italy but now she doesn't have anyone
she knows that was into this stuff.

She wants to take a break from Randy to follow up on her
passions and such. It's not that she doesn't have enough
time for herself, it's just that she's uninspired to do the
things she wants to do. She kinda envies my spiritual
thing, and some of the projects I'm willing to undertake
and actually finish. Like the dude book, and my wicca
stuff. Plus my room is still clean, except I just gotta
hang up the new laundry.

We gotta go clubbing when we'll have a ride and she'll have
money. My arms are so flabby. I gotta change that. They
weren't like that during international days. I gotta dance
more or something. I can't wait till I wear my tube tank,
and finish my gloves. Plus I've decided to make a matching
fan from the stuff I have left. I love lace. It's too cool.
Screw the little wanna be princesses that think silk is the
thing, and that lace is for the kidies socks, or old style
wedding gowns. No man. Lace is the coolest sexy apparel out
there, and I finally have the cord to finish my gloves, so
I think I'll try to do that tomorrow.

I'm gonna go watch the relic hunter in like 20 minutes.
Till then I might clean up my room a little more and maybe
get started on some artsy stuff. She kinda inspired me.