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2003-07-06 00:32:19 (UTC)

Hilbilly joe

There was a man named joe, and he lives in the country part
of Louisianna. He is 35 years old and lives with his
parents in their barn loft. he likes it in there, just the
smell of hay turns him on and gets him horny. His parents
are very relious and don't like him going into town so they
do it. "the town is not a safe place for you joe," says a
horse voice coming from his mother. "the kids there 'ill be
mean to ya cause ya are a reatrd Hilbilly
just like your ma and pa." " Ma what is a reatrd?" askes
joe. she waits a minute and then asnwers, " a reatrd is a
retard mixed with an inbread,and that is what the whole
family is. This is your pa and your uncle!" she screams and
gets a little upset. she starts to cry, nobody really knew
why, either cause she was asamed or cause she was mad at
joe. " now look what ya done joe, you made ya mother all
upset." said pa/uncle. " why did you do this ma? why
couldn't you just be normal and fall in love with another
Hilbilly like George w. or something?" said joe in a angry
and wondering tone. " well son, pa just looked so sexy
mowing lawning in those dirty, old, shit smelling, over
alls from 36 years ago. it just was making me so hot that i
couldn't help myself!" ma said getting all sexaul.

joe was so upset that he was a inbread that he dicided
that there was no way that he could change his life, so to
make ma and pa/uncle mad he would marry a chicken and have
sex with it and have children. and then those children
could become inbreads! it was a genius idea and he wondered
why he had never thought of it before.

So that night he stole a chicken from the barn house and
started having kinky sex with it. they were being soo loud
that it woke up his parents so he had to throw the chicken
in a pile of shit to hide it. finally 3 months later, the
chicken gave birth to 3 very large eggs about the size of a
dog, (don't ask how that chicken had those eggs)and then
they hatched. they were beautiful winged and chicken leged,
and beaked kids that grew fast. it was a beautiful
relationship. The chicken and joe were having a great
realtionship until they got divorsed cause joe accidently
ate one of his children.

The end

-by me

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