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2003-07-05 23:05:00 (UTC)

Just got home from Weirs... That explains alot

Well from June 30th to July 4th, i spent my week up at
weirs with nin. The first nite i went up there, corinne
wanted to go swimming so we did, and some guyz came up to
corinne and i and we kinda hit it off. I ended up hooking
up with Brendan and corinne ended up with Ryan. Connier
was the little boy with territs (haha good times) and Lary
had a girl, so he couldn't do much. I ended up hanging out
with Corinne, Ryan, and Brendan all week. Gibbs was
awesome, but hunnie, i think you were in love with him
more then me. lol yeah and behind our rock when that old
man came back there and saw us there. omg i laughed so
hard. Good times on the couch and watching the fireworks.
Lets all watch Days of our lives and watch the drunk girl
talk about the bubbles tickling her. haha Ryan was just
about getting discuzted with that show. He ended up
watchin the end of it. DR. PHIL, can't forget about him
now can't we. lol Lazer tag was fun and we beat Ryan and
Corinne twice!! haha. Now i got your back Bren.
Bren, your mom was really nice, and i totally accept her
appolgy that she was drunk. And yes, i guess u could say
that me and her hugging was cute. Your dad is also cool.
Don't forget we're gunna have kids named Seth, and gibbs.
And that damn monkey.
Ryan, hun i'm sorry i hit u with that piece of watermellon
in your eye. But u have to admit that was good aim. lol
you were just gettin the shit beat out of you now wern't
you all week!
Nin- thanx a lot hun for bringing me this week instead of
no week what so ever. I didn't really hang with u all the
time but for the time that we did, it was lotz of fun. I
remember when u, me and ry was on the porch, and that guy
had the hic ups and the other guy punched him in the
stomach like 3 times. omg i never laughed so hard. We're
gunna miss thoes guyz so much!~!~!~!~

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