Stream of Consciousness
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2003-07-05 18:07:25 (UTC)


Just got out of the shower and had some time to burn so i
thought id sit down and write in this online doohickie.
Today i work with the new girl again. i asked her to a
movie last night and she agreed, so today im probly going
to set up the details with her. i can see us having a good
time because she is funny, and im funny..what can go wrong?
last night i went to the fire works around the lake with
the group - bishop. sadly no bishop. and it was nuts.
people were throwing m-80's in the lake like it was no big
deal. insane. like somthing out of crocodile dundee 2.
anyway. good times. then we went to howies where the pizza
is cheep and big. that was fun also. then we went to a
convenience store and asked for directions to "the nearest
porn store" after the guy gave us confusing directions he
called to a middle aged female coworker with the echoing
words "sue! where is the nearest porn store" at that point
must of us were breaking up so we had to part. well, thats
all you get out of me for now you bastards

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