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2003-07-05 15:42:39 (UTC)

July 5, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

So yesterday Travis and I went to Summer Sanitarium.

The bands played in the following order: Mudvayne, Deftones, Linkin
Park, Limp Bizkit, and Metallica.

Mudvayne was pretty sweet, they look so weird without all of their
face paint and what not.

Then Deftones came out, but we were up staires getting food and got
stuck in this 20 min line and missed like the whole performace, but
that was ok, cause neither of us really wanted to see Deftones.

Then Linkin Park came out! Ok, I know I have already seen them
play and everything, but I will admit, I got goosebumbs and started
to cry when they came out. I think I am offically in love with
Chester @ -- > OMG it was great!!

Then Limp Bizkit came out, and I dont much care for Fred Durst, but
he ran through the crowd and I touched him *WOO HOO* that
was exciting. Also they played "Sanitarium" by Metallica that was

Then there was an hour and a half in between Limp Bizkit and
Metallica, due to stage set-up and what not. But once they came on
it was great.

We left after a few songs, then went to Wendy's cause we were
both starving! Then I came home and crashed hard on the floor.
Happy 4th of July to me!!!

Hope is was great for everyone! Until later......

"You can't deny the people who've put you where you are.
You're not successful because you're a star; you're
successful because people made you a star."
- Chester Bennington, Linkin Park < 3