Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-07-05 02:36:16 (UTC)

Strikes, Stripes, and Fireworks

Well well well. 4th of July. Fireworks going off
everywhere. People acting all patriotic. Yep, today was
another holiday. And for the second major holiday in a
row, I spent it with Nicole.

We had a very good time today. It was the first time that
we've hung out in quite a while. Today, I got to meet her
parents. They are very nice people and they seemed to
like me. We ate a lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, and mac
and cheese. I will have to say that those people can
cook. And cook well.

After we ate, we went bowling. It was me, Nicole,
Nicole's mom, and Nicole's brother. Of course, I did what
I did best, which is kick some ass. I had an OK bowling
day but it was a good one compared to the competition. I
have a theory that you see a different side of a person's
personality when you go bowling and/or putt putt. This
trip was no different. Nicole was being a complete
goofball. She was doing her "lucky dance" and yelling and
being loud and just having a great, laid back time. It
was definitely good to see that we enjoy each other's
company so much.

I left around 5 because I didn't want to impede too much
on their family time, especially on a first meeting. I
kinda think Nicole wanted me to stay, and was dissapoined
when I left. I just didn't feel like it would've been
appropriate to take so much stuff from them, especially
when they just met me. They fed me and took me bowling
and I am very grateful to them for that. They definitely
know how to take care of their company.

Well I guess what I am getting to is the impact of such a
day. This whole situation is getting crazier and
crazier. Well at least to me it is. Nicole doesn't talk
about the "guy she is dating" to me, which I am not sure
what to think. It's just kind of like I am lingering with
her and I don't know what is going on in her head. It's
almost like we both want it but are a little bit hesitant
to go after it fully because we are very different and we
would probably have to compromise a lot to make things
work. I still think we should give it at least one date
just to see what happens. Sometimes, like in the Guns 'N
Roses song, all you need is a little patience......

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