2003-07-05 00:00:19 (UTC)

Wht did I do ?

Toady i came to oceanside thats near san diego. and my sis
brought her b/f and best friend and we all got in the pool
and they total ignored me. i went to try and talk and all
that but they just ignored me they wouldn't talk to me.
I dont no why? i dont no what i did. they are the ones who
asked me to go in the pool so then i said ok ill just leave
them by themselves because you no they are older so
whateverso i get out of the pool and so do they. Then my
friend josh (hes alot older) got in and told them to get in
the pool so they did. then they spent 10 minutes getting me
in the pool and then pnce again i was ignored i dont no
what i did it doesnt make any sence. GRRRRRR!! i hate when
she does this... but when it is just me and bella, my sis
we have a lot of fun...

~~ littlechanges~~

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