La Vida Mia
2003-07-04 21:12:47 (UTC)

July 4, 2003

hello diary. believe it or not i am in prague. however i
am not celebrating my nations independence. i will try to
go out later and see if i can get into some trouble. these
last several weeks have been trying but they have also been
exilerating. i have enjoyed myself so much. Since may 13
i have traveled to frankfurt, bad wimpfen, heilbronn,
stuttgard, zurich, milan, venice, florence, rome, naples,
pompeii, ischia, naples, rome, munich, sindelsdorf, bad
wimpfen, heidelberg, bad rappeneau, guttenberg, rothenberg,
stuttard, berlin, potsdam, berlin, dresden and now i am in
prague. i have done more in one and a half months than
most people do in years. i love it and yet i hate it. it
is the height of absolute freedom and mobility, so much
independence and yet it is so utterly isolating and so
vastly lonesome. i always thought i wanted to live a life
that would give me this kind of independence but now i
realize that perhaps i want a little more stability in my
life. who can really know what i want, not even i do.
hopefully God will help me out here and give a clue as to
what i want to do with myself. happy fourth of july and
good night. i hope to write more in you.