Down Azz Queen
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2003-07-04 17:52:06 (UTC)

Its the 4th of the monthhhh!

Happy fourth of July everyone! I know its been madd
long since I wrote! But i've been a lil busy and I guess a
lil Lazy! but anyways well I kno u want to kno whats been
going on! well ok!
First off Me and Eric are ova with! I just couldnt take
the long distance thing anymore! He kept tellin me that he
was trien to get down hea to move so we can really be
together! but in mah Heart I really felt as if he wasnt
trien to make an effort! I mean i'm just being real thats
how i felt! He was always tellin me that he loved me and
what not but I just wasnt feelin it and I cant be with
someone that I just dont feel that its real! and there are
some other issues that I wish not to discuss because I am
not the type to put peeps biz out on da streetz! yea but
anyways! My sister left to da Airforce! Damn I miss her big
head! I didnt kno that I would miss her this much! I dont
kno! I guess u relize how much u need a person once they
are gone! I justpray shes doing good! she called last
Sunday but I wasnt home and only my mother got to speak to
her! But she says that shes doin good! and she has made
elment leader! which is really good!
Well on another note! I met this guy named Hi-May and let
me tell u! I really care for dis nigga..I mean I dont know
what he did! and I thought I was in love with Eric! yea
right! I really understand love right now! And Hi-May just
makes me feel so good! u dont understand! I really hope
everything goes well between us! I mean I really care for
him! Well.....I am about to flex! i'll catch u later! peace