taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2003-07-04 17:11:24 (UTC)

July Fourth Two Thousand and Three

Ahhh... its that time again folks when, as a Canadian, I,
as well as my fellow Canadian compadres, are subjected to
an onslaught of American birthday induced patriotism
through the countless American origionated media outlets.

When American marvels at its might, its accomplishments,
its fast advancing imperialist self. Hand in hand with
market liberalism, America gazes at itself in the
proverbial mirror and smiles with bleached white teeth,
ignoring the carnage and devestation behind the reflective

The right-wing nationalist propaganda tickles the senses of
American residants. The camouflaged dictator rises to the
podium. The sea of blue, red, and white erupts with cheers
as he speaks. "To mark this joyus occassion, another tax
for the hard-working Americans" The rich grin, the poor
shudder. George is starting to make a lot more sense;
Orwell, not Bush.

So let the fireworks fly. Let the feel good speechs begin.
Let the liquor flow. But this party should be shared. A
liberation is in order. Iran or Syria? Its time to
celebrate Yankee style.

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