2003-07-04 16:49:36 (UTC)

This is the day,

I couldn't sleep as usual. I kept thinking about hoping to
be able to sleep that I did fall asleep, but woke up and
hour later.

And oh yeah, there will prabobly be no more of my job for
me to go to. No more having it easy for me. I'm gonna have
to find a real job, and print out some resume's again.
Their sticking with the Korean locations.

But anyway, yeah, today is the day. I did get myself kinda
hyped since she sais he's always there on 4th of July.
Hopefully it won't be raining during the fireworks though.
There are thunderstorm warnings.

Yesenia finally got through and called Alexis. He answered
and might be coming over to her house before work for some
grub. Hopefully they'll establish another date to hook up
and hang for a longer time. I'll come later and she'll tell
me all about it. Then we'll plan how I can get this boy
with a conversation and shit. My leg is shaking. Yikes!