ivy bekket

2003-07-04 10:54:44 (UTC)

well, folks..

1 year update:

Gave baby up for adoption, open adoption so I still talk to the
parents, and she's one year old and one week. Her Name is
Isabella Victoria, and she lives in Louisiana. aaaw.

I'm still smoking. did throughout my pregnancy, though I went with
only 1 cigarette a day for most of it.

I'm nocturnal, still.

I broke up with alex when he finally decided that having a baby
was too much to handle.

I have now decided to live on the road for a while. yeeehaa me.

I'm still pagan, though by no means wiccan. or anything that
means anything to anyone but myself.

I'm insane.

I've got a penchant for ho-hos. as much as they resemble
intergalactic meat. and pizza. and dew. and coffee. and smokes.

aannnnd that's all you're getting out of me.


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