Stream of Consciousness
2003-07-04 06:15:04 (UTC)


Went to see terminator 3 tonight with matt. we tried to
get luke but he wasnt home so we went without him and im
pretty sure bishop was with carly. we got to the theatre
and luke was there with his parents. odd. t3 was a great
movie. on the same level as t1 and t2. i really thought so.
arnold did a great job, and i hope he runs for office. just
to shake shit up. hopefully he dosent do it in a gay tough
guy way like ventura. after the movie we went to alexas to
swim. she might be one of the sexiest females i have ever
seen. not sure she has this address anymore, doubt it.
hopefully she dosent read this but i dont care. not sure
what it is but she really does it for me. after we swam for
a bit we played some life. we didnt finish it as we got
bored and meandered our way up her stair to her room where
we had a 4 way gang bang...i made that up. we listened to
very good music and played with her undergarments. she has
a very typical, or what i would call typical room for a
teenaged girl. awards, pictures of famous half naked boys.
yadda yadda. she has the most massive collection of mp3's i
have ever seen. and most of it from what i could tell was
good. we spent a good....id say hour in her room. oh yeah
before i forget. PennDOT can kiss my hairless white baby
killing ass. i waited for 40 minutes today why they had
thier thumbs UP THIER ASSES thumbs up thier asses. i sat
there and watched as these two state employees made small
talk and it took them the entire 40 minutes to wait on me
and 3 other people. perhaps that dosent sound liek a lot,
but let me just say when they finally let me go, it took
them like 10 seconds to get me done. and i had to actually
tell the lady it was my turn, she had no idea why i was
standing in front of her. i was pissed. anyway iom out.

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