my courage
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2003-07-04 03:31:24 (UTC)


woa... kind of freaky! --->

You are the sort of person that needs a peaceful
environment.(^_^) You seek release from stress and freedom
from conflicts and disagreements, of which you seem to have
had more than your fair share.(Yea - MOM, siblings, etc.!)
But you are taking pains to control the situation by
proceeding cautiously (hiding upstairs)and you are right in
doing so as you are a very sensitive person (it's hard not
to listen).

You are feeling very disillusioned at this time and you
feel that you are being left out of things. You know - or
you think you know - what you want, but you seem unable to
exert the effort to achieve your objectives (Woh ya.
earlier today i was just thinking about how apathetic i was
feeling). As a consequence, you are feeling left out and
neglected(lunch w/ crew). You would like to be afforded
greater security and fewer problems(i wish).

Circumstances are holding you back, forcing you to back off
and to forgo all the pleasures, fun and games for the time
being(MOM, vacationa, rides, timing, etc. - totally true).
But this is only a temporary situation and before you even
know it the situation could change(good, i hope so).

Recent disappointment has led you to become truly

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