No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-07-04 02:52:40 (UTC)

*sigh* idk whats going on. my..


idk whats going on.

my sis (and her kids) have been here all week...we're all
(me, them, my sis and my parents) are going to the beach
for the weekend...karleen and jc'll be there too...and my
dads 2 sisters (and 2 nieces/2 nephews) hes never met.
yay. sounds fun huh?

i wanna have fun again!!!!!!! argh. lol

work sucks...just 1 more month...god i cant wait to leave!
i havent seen my lil buddy joe in a long ass time
tho...wonder if ill get a chance to say bye?! (SHH dont
tell him i said that lol) gotta say bye to all my lil
buddies lol...

yea...oceanography...BORING. but hell...its college huh? i
just cant wait till im REALLY in college! Tallahassee here
i come! :):):) lol
nice camero ;) lmao ...right laura? :):):):)

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