2003-07-03 15:26:35 (UTC)

Yesterday's movie going

So it was boring at work, as usual. I closed early. Then at
about 8:20 I left to pick up Aindrea. We went to see the
Hulk. The movie is 138 minutes. So many needles, so boring
as well. Nothing really starts happening until the last 50
40 minutes of the movie and it's 2 hours and 18 minutes.
The second part should be better. Maybe there will be a
villain, not just a life story. I think they should have
made it like star wars. First get everyone hooked with the
whole adventure. Then when you have fans, go back and tell
them how it all happened. Ofcourse after walking out of
such a long movie I was practically stoned, couldn't hear
well, and walking straight was hard at the moment.

Anyway, we left she got some good smelling hot chocolate,
and we went to the car. I wish I would have turned the
wheels cause I had plenty of space behind me and hardly any
in the front, but my wheels were too close to the curve to
back up, so we had to slowly wiggle our way out. It was
hilarious, my arms hurt, Aindrea helped me turn the wheel.

My room is still perfectly clean I like that. That and the
fact that my mom told me on monday that that is the last
time I'm taking the car, and here I am. Haha. That's funny.
It was her birthday too.