Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2003-07-03 08:40:52 (UTC)

Lost my chance

I am suck A fuck up tonite! I have been a total bitch to
Cory and whats worse is that finally he is being nice to me
again I am like ok kewl. Well he was going to bed and I
went in there to give him a goodnight kiss and I was
talking to him about this sexy game I wanted to play with
him sometime and sudenly he was so compelled and he grabbed
me and started kissing me with a passion and wouldnt let
go! I was like WOW! *Im gonna get some* WHaWHo! But I told
him to hold on for a second to say goodnite to my pals
outside... well they wouldnt stop talking me up and when I
went back in there to show him my littlw game he was sound
asleep and let me tell you it is harder wake him up the
anyone else I know. He just said I took too long! I beat
myself up for it becuz thats what I was waiting for all
day. I mean he hasnt been like that in a while, like with
that kind of fire and it just turns me on so bad but I was
a stupid dumbass! *beats head on desk* I hate myself right
now. DAMNIT!
Well sence I ranted and said my piece I guess I am going to
go to bed.

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