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2003-07-03 06:56:22 (UTC)


As you all (should) know by now, I love to read. I went to
the library last week and got a few (only six) books to
occupy some of my down time. Well, I've finished them, and
all that was left was the new Harry Potter book.

I started it this evening.

It's been a long week and I have the next two days off and
I have to get my fillings filed down tomorrow. But it's
now 2:55am and I'm still up cause I can't put down that
damn book! Yes, that does mean I like it, but it also
means that I don't get to sleep.

I thought that coming out here and forcing myself to do
something else (ie, writing to ya'll) would help. Well
guess what.

I'm going to get some water and go read some more.

Damn books.