once again
2003-07-03 05:33:16 (UTC)


Jason knows I don't like him. Thank God. He only told
half the restaurant that he did and had one of my friends
ask me if I did. She told him that we were just friends.
But Rene....I just don't know about him. He stares at me
and then smiles really big. He's awesome. He's bringing
me out with everyone tomorrow night. I'm exicited about
this. I was going to drive myself cuz I don't want to ride
with Jason but he told me he'd take care of me. He
touches me and I'm just dumbfounded. I am trying not to
let my liking him go too far because I don't want to be let
down but when I think to myself na forget it...he'll come
up to me and touch me and just look at me with those eyes
and that face. So hopefully I met someone good. If
nothing ever progresses then I met one of the most
beautiful men there are.