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2003-07-03 05:11:10 (UTC)


This last while has been pretty good actually...the warm
weather seems to improve our relationship-even with other
people involved. Like the whole time we were gone, I felt
like she sorta wanted to hang out with me and not just
ditch me for whoever comes along. Like we slept together
the entire weekend and when I phoned her on Friday about
the jeans we talked for like a half hour about whatever.
And whenever I was in Splash's stall or whatever she'd
come in and just hang out or she came and helped me bath
him. *shrugs* And then the other day me and KU left cuz we
were bored and tired and I guess (according to AM) she was
looking for me for a while (like she kept asking where I
was and said nothing about KU) and then when we went into
the motorhome, KU ahead and then when I walked in she was
like "where were you..." and I dunno, just like she'd make
a point to talk to me or whatever. And then during our
closing ceremonies she sat with some of the other members
while I sat with AM and KU and whatever but the entire
time she was listening to us cuz she'd laugh when we made
a joke or ask about stuff...and of course I got to spend
the night at her place and she showed me where I can live
for the next 2 months (well during summer camps)...I
dunno, we hung out all day but I think we could live
together without killing each other...I dunno, it's all
good right now as far as I'm concerned. *shrugs* Even if
she just wants friendship...though I can say that there
are things that make me doubt that...

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