Stream of Consciousness
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2003-07-03 03:57:27 (UTC)


life does seem to be one big confusing mass of social
circumstances these last couple years.
not that i could go into detail, just people. 2 years ago i
cared, now...i dont to a large degree
ill talk to anyone in almost any setting. unless of course
i hate them. it used to be id hate someone yet still talk
to them, allowing them to get under my skin. now if you
annoy me i just dont talk to you. im a very large stone
wall these days. not much gets to me. i love a lot of
people, i hate many more. my list of hated people is long.
somtimes i worry the hate will consume me because it is way
to easy for me to hate. i hate you once i always hate you.
anyway, that will conclude tonights session