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2003-07-03 00:09:31 (UTC)

Be Quiet And Drive

Me and Heidi hung out tonite... we went to St, Bridgets
fair thing to see what was going on.. and nothing was.. so
we called up rick and told him to meet us at Shady Glen for
some ice cream.. way there I stopped at Cheney Tech to
check out the tire marks Josh left on the school sidewalk
on the last day of school...I give him a lot of credit
because that was pretty Anyway.. back to Shady
Glen and Rick... it was good for the 3 of us to chill
again... although it seems like the only time the 3 of us
talk is over food... afterwards.. me and Heidi wanted to
find something to do so we went down to the pike to see
what was going on... I figured Josh would be down there, so
we spent some time looking for him.. but he was nowhere to
be found.. However... we did end up meeting up with Dan
Davis and Ron Daigle.. which was cool.. we followed them to
Ron's pizza place and chilled there for awhile... Ron said
something about Dan bragging about being my prom date.. I
thought it was really sweet... later on I asked Dan if he
really said that and it brought up this big conversation...
I didnt understand what he was talking about... actually I
did... but I didn't say anything to him because if I was
wrong I'd look like a retard... and I can't really explain
any of what I just said because this is in fact a public
journal and again...I dont wanna look like a retard if I'm
wrong about any of this..


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