My Little World
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2003-07-02 23:23:59 (UTC)

Long Time No Write

Hey everyone. Its been a long time since the last time i
have written.... I have been away....Yes at Allen's :)
haha But i have been having the best time in the world!
It amazes me that spending so much time with the one i love
only made me love him more! and as i was reading back over
my entries and just thinking back onto what i was before...
I didnt like what i saw.... I like what i am now. I
better person! Allen has brought out the better in me...
More caring understanding and more of the person that i
wanted to be in the first place. I guess that i just
needed someone to demand alot more love then i was willing
to give in the first place to give me that extra kick in
the backside! haha And to all of my friends... I would
not have been the same without you either... Thanks for
always being there and supporting me when i needed it the
most... And now for you all i have one small request...
After my dad's friend Greg died.... He went in for a
phsyical.. They told him he has high blood pressure...But
they found something else... There is something up with
his heart... they say it is nothing to be even the least
bit worried about, but you all know me, i worry! SO please
just pray that there is nothing wrong with Daddy.... I need
him.... Please. that is all i am asking... And 1 or 2 of
you guys might be getting a late night phone call...Just
incase i need to talk.... hope you dont mind... (LP and AG)
Thanks again..... Later All write back to me
[email protected]