2003-07-02 03:02:49 (UTC)

Summer pt. 2

Well I guess it's officially summer now. I've been working
for the Province for a little over a month now and it's
going ok... the best I can say about it is that the money
is good. So whatever, it's decent enough. I spent the
weekend at the lake, then went into work on Monday and
ended up turning around and heading back to the lake Monday
night and staying for most of today, trying to get the most
out of the stat holiday. It was 32 degrees outside today so
I was pretty glad that I was out there and not in the city.
I wasn't planning on going back out there since I had three
friends out with me for Saturday and Sunday, I figured I'd
had enough lake time. But my friend convinced me that I
would probably regret it if I didn't go back, though it was
for a reason entirely unrelated to the weather.
I don't really know quite what's going on. Well, I do have
a pretty good idea of what I figure is going on, but I
don't know quite how I feel about it. All this stuff that
people tell you when they're giving you advice and stuff
seems to apply to this situation.
- you'll find love when you're not looking for it
- dont judge a book by its cover...
and whatever it is they say about making your partner your

So this is what happened...
Like, way back four years ago I went to edgefest and ran
into my friend there, and with her was a group of guys that
I hadn't met before. I thought one of them was super hot...
but at that time I really didn't think much more of it.
Fast forward a few years and I'm out visiting my then-
boyfriend's parents and we go out for supper and at the
resteraunt again we run into this guy but I dont realize
that he's the same person. In fact, I argue with the then-
boyfriend that there MUST be 2 steve's in town because
there is no way that the guy he introduced me to is the
same Steve i met a few years earlier. For some reason on
the way out there we had been talking about "that" steve...
dunno why. Anyways. Fast forward another two years and I
walk into the cafeteria at the University and find my
friend Ashley sitting with a group of people and wonder
silently to myself "who is the scary guy???" well, turns
out yet again it's steve and I just don't believe that all
three of them could possibly be the same person. So
anyways, ended up sitting with him almost every day at
school and stuff, hanging out in the cafeteria so we got to
know each other pretty well. We're definitely friends now.
Then he went home for the summer to work. So, the first
weekend that I was out at my cabin I went to drop in on him
at work and see if he was going to the social the next day
and he was obviously suprised and happy to see me. He
agreed to go to the social... we hung out... and it became
obvious that he seemed to like me... so I was pretty
shocked by all that... but after thinking about it for a
while, I think I like him too but I change my mind about it
every other day. I dont usually have good break ups, and
he's such a nice guy (despite the outward appearance that
some people find intimidating) that I dont know if I want
to compromise the friendship. So I'm kind of stuck. He's
leaving for a trip to Europe with his family for a month so
I dont know what I'm gonna do... but I guess I have a while
to decide.
So that's where things stand now. It's very weird. I don't
have a clue what's going to happen.