Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2003-07-01 20:45:53 (UTC)

I know this place girlie-girl...

Here it is, two months since my last post, so much for
consistency. It had been so long since I've written, I had
go back to see what I had said the last time I wrote. And,
as usual, a great deal of things have happened.

I guess the biggest and most important is the selling of my
house. That was really upsetting for me; here was this
thing I so badly wanted and had actually accomplished
getting, only to realize I had to let it go. But, what's
done is done, it wasn't doing anything except dragging me
done anyway.

So, with some of the money from the sale of the house, I
got my old car in running shape. That's actually been one
of the better things to happen to me in recent days. I
finally got the car registered and inspected, and replaced
the stereo, speakers, and several other things that weren't
working right on it. I still have a few little things to
fix, I'm having to save them until I have more money.

My living conditions haven't gotten any better. The
apartment I'm at is really nice as long as you're inside
the apartment, the outside it's a serious ghetto. The
management has had to post notes about muggings in the
complex and how you shouldn't leave your unit after 10:30
at night. I mean, what the fuck? A curfew? Kids are
always running around outside, sprinkler heads are broken
off and shoot water everywhere, the place just isn't taken
care off. So, I had decided to look for a place to stay
elsewhere. So I happened across this condo, which I
decided to buy, and hopefully be a little better for me
than the last few places I've moved too. I'm having to
replace the carpet and all the appliances, along with the
other little stuff, but at least it will be a place that's
mine again. I don't think I've had that in a while.

Don't have any big plans for Fourth of July weekend,
actually I don't ever have any plans at all. I never
really do anything anymore. The few good things that
happen to me are usually unplanned or spontaneuous. Like
this past Sunday, I hadn't been to the Church in months,
but I heard Dita von Teese was putting a burlesque show, so
I went. It was totally kick ass, Marylin Manson even
showed up. But, it was still depressing for me, that was
first time I had ever gone by myself, and had no one to
talk too. So anyways, don't really know where that was
going, I guess it was going now where, just like me.

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