Stream of Consciousness
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2003-07-01 17:36:35 (UTC)

New entry

Ive decided i wont allow this diary/journal/whatever fade
into nothingness. so here i am writing. things are going
well. things always seem to be going well for me these
days. i went to bloom the other week, met with the head of
the poly sci department. she seems nice, she is EXACTLY the
image i had of her from over thge phone. exactly. i
scheduled my classes, should be a lot of fun. im taking 2
poly sci courses, 1 criminal justice course just because,
and a science course with a name i cannot recall. i work
today at 3. my last entry in this journal i complained
about the tanning salon and how much i hated it. but let me
tell you, although im still opposed to tanning and all that
crap, i love working over there. if you thought my job was
easy before, you should come see me now. i just stand for
several hours. its fantastic! i love it. 8 hours of
nothing. hardly anything anyway. i clean beds and read
books. im still a lonely man, no females worth my time have
either appeared or agreed to be with me, so alone i am
still. in recent months ive asked one girl and she shot me
down, so there you have it, my update. im leaving