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2001-10-09 04:24:27 (UTC)

special thx!

these days, extremely busy... i am sorry that my 'busy' became
your 'busy' too, i am really sorry abt that.

in the past, i really didn't recognize that so many things that i
ought to do, eg. scout, first aids, lib. course... well, i should
say, i knew those are important for my career, however i couldn't
really devoted to do them...

pauline, thx for your support and help. i really have no idea that
why in this world, i can have such a person to treat me so good...
thx and i don't know how to really express my appreciation to u.


well, although we are very busy, i know, we are approaching to our
fortune, our future, agree? i've got headache, i'm happy too.