2003-07-01 07:08:37 (UTC)

Aftermath of the spell...

So I was pissed in the morning of Sunday, which set my
positive outlook on what I hope to achieve from this spell
out. This being a bad thing since that's mainly what the
meditation, and grounding & centering was suppose to be
about. That energy was kinda lost if not disfocused. I
tried a different spell before to get it back but couldn't
focus my energy doing it. The bath after about10 hours of
cleaning helped a little, but it was hot, and staying close
to the hot water made it hard to breathe, so I got out and
started the spell at a little past 3:30. I was hoping to
finish by 4:30. I put a sign on the door not to disturb,
knock or nothing till 4:30. So my dad gets up (before I get
to start the spell thankfully,) and knocks on the door
saying what are you doing? I told him to read the paper,
and he asks me what it says. So I tell him. He thought I
meant P.M so he asked whether I'm working or not, cause I
usually leave for work at 1. I'm just like forget it, just
don't disturb. (This meant alot to me cause I was gonna do
this naked, and my room doesn't have a proper lock on it.)
So he starts watching t.v. The wall where the t.v. is is
right next to my closet wall. So I can kinda hear it.

Didn't matter I went on with some rhymes off the top of my
head blessing everything 4 times with all the elements, and
having the elements improve upon the spirit. I didn't feel
that energy very well. Meditation ran much shorter then
what I expected, but it felt that if I persist with it,
it'll have a negative effect practically. Atleast on my
energy level. So I stopped, made my bed anew, meditated a
bit before I slept and that was still a little hard cause
it was 4:30 in the morning, and I was tired, plus my mind
was distorted.

Woke up after aprx. 6 hours of sleep. Didn't feel all too
bad. Finally I thought. The transition has been made. I
didn't feel that much different except I have a spik and
span clean room now. I know where every single dust
particle is now. So I tried Yoga, but I was still a little
distressed, and my bones aren't ones for stretching in the
morning so I told myself that I better just sign up for
morning classes somewhere close since I have money, and
just do the sun salutation when I get up. So I did. I
didn't shower today cause I took a bath at 3 a.m. I just
wet my hair to form a look, and checked my accounts. Made
breakfast, did some caligraphy, went to word of the day and
did a eye q session. Then massage at work, work, come home,
dinner, internet looking for movies to see with Aindria
since we were gonna see one tonight.

So I finished watchin everwood and she still hasn't called
me back. I was online checking out movies too, and told her
I HAD bad reception on my cell. She thought I still have it
so she didn't call me. It was 9:30 before we picked a movie
but it was late for her mom to drive us to a theatre. We
wouldn't make it. So I asked for the car and as usual got
rejected. Then I told her I will take the bus since I'm not
gonna have a car in college I'll do this kinda thing all
the time. That I cast a spell, things are gonna be
different, and she's not gonna stop me from having a social
life. Ofcourse I wasn't gonna go take the bus, I wouldn't
make it, and I wouldn't wanna take it alone. Aindrea
wouldn't be so crazy about the idea anyway. So I take my
stuff and walk out the door.

I'm on school when guess who calls, house. I pick up and
it's dad telling me to come back. Eventually they agreed to
give me the car if this will be my last time using it and I
will not drive her back. (She lives in a bad neighborhood,
which is the most excellent reason to drive someone back.
Besides, they were practically pissing cats and dogs when
they found out that I'm not getting a ride back with the
same person from prom, since he just told me he can't drive
me back in the car as he picked me up.) Their crazy. I
agreed anyway. I thought, we got 20 minutes to get to the
theatre which we will not be able to make, but I want a
social life and I did get the car. So I went. Besides I
didn't want to listen to them moan, bitch and preach about
segregation. We went to the movies but we were 8 minutes
late for the last show so we went to get coffee, and some
of watever we weren't really hungry but it was a restaurant
so whatever. My card got denied for $8.80 I was like what?
I just put in 250$ on it Friday. Well whatever, it'll clear
up, and if not I have all my papers to clear the stuff up.
If the bank is trying to screw me over I'll just simply
close my account and move it somewhere else. I like this
one though. The card feature is a must at times. That's why
I went there in the first place.

Guess what? Santino was in Aindrea's Physics class. They
were in a group. She's heard him talk. He knows somewhat of
what he's like. Guess what? He's got one or two hing silver
teeth. That's kind of a turn off, but then again, I can't
complain, I've got bad dental hygiene too, and it's not
like it's in the front or ghetto. He's kinda ghetto, but
not very listening to rap. Sleeps and is quiet in Physics,
but then again it's physics. She sais he listens very
attentively. Makes good eye contact. That's a turn on that
kinda scares me at times. I like getting somebodies full
attention, but when someone is practically looking in your
soul with their eyes it gets a little uncomfortable. I
don't know if he's all deep soul eye contact making, but
deep eye contact at that. She flipped finding out I like
him. She told me, yeah, he's cute. Hell yeah he is.

I can't wait till the 4th of July. I'm going to Yesenia's
for a barbecue, and then we all go to Yesenia's grandma's
for fireworks by the school. A very good place, especially
that Santino might be there. And then, I will definately
make my move with the right conditions applied ofcourse.
Aindrea said he is nice to make small talk to so that
wouldn't be a bad approach. I think he'd like to talk to
me. I think I'd be his type. Or he might eventually be not
that attracted because we have too much in common. Well who
knows? I wonder what I'll do tomorrow. I wanna do
something. Pherhaps I'll call Justyna, or Adrianna, or
Karoline. Maybe Karoline first.
-Amnesia Spring