Soon to be dead
2003-07-01 06:18:52 (UTC)

Another relationship I have ruined

Death4cocopuffs: i was just about ready to yell
Monkymen: lol
Death4cocopuffs: i'm drawing on my knee. lol
Monkymen: wow sounds like fun
Death4cocopuffs: yes. drawing flowers is fun
Monkymen: cool
Death4cocopuffs: no
Monkymen: i am going to go to sleep now so i can try and
feel better and hopefully forget what is on my mind
Death4cocopuffs: grar. i hate when u do that
Monkymen: i sorry.........i'll call you tommorrow or
Death4cocopuffs: liar
Monkymen: then why don't you call me if you don't think i
will call you
Death4cocopuffs: im gonna eventually not gonna be able to
care about u nemore. if ur never even gonna notice that i
do care.
Monkymen: i know you's just that
i am beginning to not even care about myself
Death4cocopuffs: then why should i. u don't even talk to me
anymore. i don't even kno who i'm caring about.
Death4cocopuffs: i haven't seen u in 3 months and i haven't
heard ur voice in weeks

I am so sorry for doing these things to the people that I
know care about me. It hurts me worse than anything
ecspecially since it is my fault. I wish I could just turn
time back and change everything in my life to make it
better b/c right now it is turning it hell. I need a break
from all of this.