Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
2003-07-01 00:51:14 (UTC)

The web

i don't know what is going on all of a sudden people i've
known for years are coming on and up to me on a level i
just assumed we'd never be at. P,and J,for example and im
like shocked.....j kissed my today....i could have losted
my mind.....i never ...never even thought that he was
attracted to me especially because of the age and family
differences...but everything just moved so fast and he is
so cute and the t.r. is a definite turn on, i always had a
lil crush on him when i was younger but i let it go he was
so protective.(just makes my mind race hehehehehe)and both
him and P caught me totally off guard. I AM BLOWN AWAY
i have got to be dreaming

then these other folks on and round here wanna be my
sugadaddy....what the hell NOTs MY DIG i don't want no ol
dude tryin to get one off wit me while he giving me cho, i
don't care how broke i am!!!.

i don't take cho from my man who i love by the way why
would i take it from them...ugh

im still broke, having bad hair day, pissed off, and
jobless, d don't know whats he wants , b is oblivious to
that fact that we don't kick it no mo-
the other B wants us to kick it on strong but im kind of
with D. Talk about the webs we