Me and More
2003-06-30 21:51:02 (UTC)

*big sigh*

Dear Diary,

Well, Brandon is sick here. I feel so bad for him. he's in
a lot of pain and his temp is high and junk. I wish there
was more I could do but I can't. So I'm partly depressed
for that reason. But the big reason is, when we were at the
hospital, he kept saying that he wished his Gf was there
and that really really hurt. I didn't let him know that. He
needs to concentrate on getting better and not what's going
on in my head. It hurts that I'm bringing his Gf over here
to visit him. I hate so much that I can't be with him. I
can feel my feelings growing, and all I can do is sit back
and watch him be with someone else. It hurts so bad when he
talks of her and stuff. *sigh* I'm not sure what to do
anymore. At least I got to prove to him that I am a good
friend and it takes a lot to push me a way. So that's a
plus. I'm just hurting so bad inside right now. I haven't
let anyone know. I keep it bottled up inside. It's not
worth worrying other people about my pathetic problems.
Well, I guess that's about it. I'll write more later.

-Tearful Heather