apfel diary
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2003-06-30 05:39:40 (UTC)

yesterday i went out with..

yesterday i went out with family.we had sushi for
hm..my family asked me where is the bad guy suddenly.i
dunno what to answer.just ignored the question they had
just asked.sigh..they said they havent seen me talk with
guys on the phone lately.wonder what happened.to tell the
truth,i hardly talked with ppl on phone now.i dunno
why.just no mood to talk to them,especially male
friends.online chat with them instead of talking on
phone.hey,it just a same way to have a chat.i usually
cooking to spend my spare time.lol my family and my sis's
bf said my cooking is good. taste good.and it is better
than outside one.hehe... cough,see..i know cooking,just
lazy to do it.lol dont let my mom know that i can cook
everything.otherwise,she would ask me do all the housework
for her.i will be die soon then.As a smart apple(me),i'd
better pretend that i dunno everything..dont ask me do
anything they want.lol
sigh,1st july is a public holiday.my church friends invited
me to have a party with them.but i got to work that
day.poor me.i wish i could take a leave..sigh..
last nite,talked with leaf for awhile.he stayed nite
up.crazy..hehe..never need sleeping.