Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-06-30 04:35:45 (UTC)

No Title Needed

Well another weekend has come and gone. And well, not
much really happened. I didn't spend any money (well
except for Taco Bell), which is awesome since I need to
save some for my apartment. I found out that I only have
to pay the water portion of the rent since we paid first
and last month's when we moved in. Hopefully, things are
gonna start looking really good.

I just got back from the hellhole known as Wendy's. Oh
my, I am sooo glad that I only work weekends now. There
is so much gossip and stuff that goes on there that it'll
make someone sick. They keep on playing the virgin thing
like every time I work. I mean, I don't mind it if it's
every once on a while but every freakin day I work, it's
ridiculous. Just get over it and move. But oh well, I'd
rather be fresh out of the box than be getting ready for
my 100,00 mile tune-up. It's like a new car buyer get to
choose between a brand new Corvette or an 87 Corrilla
gathering rust. What would you choose?

Other than that, not much went down. I did get some
rest. I don't wanna get burn out because I am doing
really good this Summer and it'll help boost my GPA. I
need to graduate with at least a 3.5 to have a shot at a
great graduate school. If I keep doing how I am now, I
think I can get into UCF but I think I can do more. Like
UCLA or Oregon or even NYU. I just have to keep my eyes
on the prize. I have to keep grinding and pressing on.

I am really excited about the upcoming semester. It may
be one of the most challenging that I've had so far in
college, but I think I will learn a lot and hopefully
continue to build character. I think that I'll meet new
people and hopefully more great times will be had. Plus,
I'll be free of Wendy's! And that'll be great.

I haven't talked to Nicole in a couple of days. I am
starting to miss hearing that voice calling to see how my
day was. Things I suppose are still a little awkward but
I believe that they are getting better. It's unfortinate
that things didn't work out like it appeared they would.
You win some, you lose some. That's just how things work
out I suppose.

In other Chrisness, Monday markes the one year anniversary
of "The Fire". One year since the apartment I was staying
in last summer was struck by lightning and burned to the
point where it was uninhabitable. It struck in the
kitchen and I was sleeping in the living room. We were
very fortinate that not much of our stuff was ruined.
However, I know that I have an issue with lightning,
especially while I'm working in the drive thru. However,
I think it was one of those events that just makes you
think about things and puts them in a whole new

Lately, I've been listening to music a lot more than
normal. I've really been listening to a lot of softer
stuff and house music. I mean of course, there's still my
Pantera and Deep Purple and Soil and what not, but a lot
of softer things, especially The Cranberries, Virgos
Merlot, and acoustic stuff, have been creeping in. My
biggest theory is that with all of the dissapointment and
saddness that has been going on lately, my mind needs some
to soothe the whole body. The house music, for some odd
reason, seems to inspire and help me keep on, especially
when I am tired or just need motivation.

Lately, I have been in need of serious motivation. It's
been a hard few weeks emotionally and I have been dealing
with a lot. I guess it's God's way of testing my
endurance and will. I know I will get through all of this
and come out stronger, faster, and better than ever. I
have all of the tools and this is just a simple roadblock
to get to wherever I end up. Sometimes though, it would
be really nice to have a significant other to just say
it'll be ok and motivate me to be my best.

I think that is all for this evening. I tried to touch on
a lot of different things and get some out of me. So
until next time, take it easy and remember that I am the
best person you could ever hope for (j/k).

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