*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2003-06-30 03:05:17 (UTC)


Just by coincedence, I have bought myself a copy of the
Harry Potter book. I walked into Sams Club with my mom and
there were like 50 copies just laying there! They were only
$15.00 so I was like woo hoo! I wasn't going to go
searching for it, but if I happened to come by a copy I
would get it so I did. I have been reading practically non-
stop since Friday, the day I bought it, and I'm in the late
500's. So far it's kind of ehhh. I dunno, not really that
exciting so far, but it is really interesting, keeps you
guessing. I just really want to know who dies.
On Friday, went to see Charlie's Angels with Amber.
Nikki, Jess Campbell, Andrea Clark, Amber's friend Colleen,
and Colleen's friend were there. Movie was ok, lots of
explosions and boobs. Kind of more of a guy movie. it was
still really fun. It's impossible to stretch your butt in a
movie theater without kicking the person in front of you in
the head. Keep that in mind.


P.S. I now have something called a Xanga which I prefer to
write in, check that out, I write in it more than this
thing now. www.xanga.com/bubbles91100