A Day In The Life Of Sam
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2003-06-30 02:44:45 (UTC)

Bak Home

hey home from Fl. did i have fun? well the last
nite was the best...this guy steven (a cutie that works at
the hotel we were stayin at) and me walked around the
hotel. and we ended up walkin on the beach under the that was definatly the best thing the whole
trip. of course i didnt get to see him today before we left
but me and him have been talking on the phone alot so maybe
it'll be aight. lets went on witout me while i
was gone...people in my life changed...not neccesarilly
(sp?) for the better. but i did learn a life lesson...the
only person out there u can 100% trust is urself. so oh
well shit happens and we all move on...well i guess thats
all i'll holla at ya'll lata!

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