Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-06-29 22:08:05 (UTC)


Yeah, summer is half over with already. We remade our
bottle rocket guns again. Mine works great! The 4th of July
is very close. Everyone went over to roberts pad though for
his 18th birthday! But you know me, I backed out at the
last second and didn't go. I know I disappointed him. But I
can make it up to him somehow. Things will get better.
Yesterday, I got a letter from Wendy. She told me
about Jeffery gettin himself into trouble, (as usual.) She
said that she wanted me to come back over again, and that
everyone misses me... She asked me if I was mad at her. But
I would never be. I mean... I got my worst heart break
because of her. And when I heard the rumors I heared about
her, got in a serious emotional state of depression...
My family really doesn't want me to be too close to
her. Although I can'thelp but wonder why, and if the rumors
ARE true about her... But all my family ever wanted was for
me to be happy. But... you know, I thought Wendy Ann really
was my dream girl. I didn't care what rumors or gossip I
heared about her, much less care if they were all true.
She... I can't explain it at all. Everytime I see her, or
talk to her, I get some kind of... how can I say it?.... An
unknown feeling. No... I don't think its love. Its not
hate, fear, excitement, happiness, or even a good or bad
But I DO know one thing. I'm happy that she is alive.
And that being close to her makes me feel so warm inside,
you knmow? Yes, I am still in love with Astrid. She said
that she was in love with me too a couple days later. That
makes me so happy. I wish I could hold her in my arms, or
take her out one day... Well, maybe the power of love will
bring me to her! But hey, its worth believing in! I'll
write again sometime. later