2003-06-29 17:38:10 (UTC)

Met up with Karoline.

She told me what has been going on with her for the past
week. Turns out she was sick all week, so much that she
could hardly walk because she has genital herpes. Both
types. I didn't even know she wasn't a virgin. Apperantly
she's on the pill. She didn't wanna tell me because well,
she didn't have to, and she knows I would freak over this
shit. I'm glad she didn't. I did need some time. Now is a
fine time though.

Turns out that this prabobly came from Karoline's
boyfriends ex. She's a slut, and he was in love with her.
He didn't experiance the symptoms though. After a few
months she did. So they both have it. Her results came
back, his didn't but he definately has it, cause that's why
she has it. She gets free medication from being a student
though. I feel sorry for her though. It's her first guy she
had sex with, and it's all screwy for her now. She has to
take valtrex or something every 5 hours or so. This bites.

Helped me kinda though. Since when I'm ready I was thinking
of some thing to use, I was conisdering the patch or birth
control like her, but silly me didn't pay attention during
sex ed, so I don't know didly about any desies. All I know
is that coodies are an STD. I remembered that cause it's
funny. But this is not. If I have sex, I do want to
experiance it for what it is. If you take pleasure in
putting your hand through a sac of beans, you will not take
pleasure in it if you have a glove on. That's what I
compare it to. But I guess if you have to then you have to.
I wouldn't want to end up like Karoline.

Or maybe I could just tell the guy that if he wants
anything to do with me without a condom he needs to take
the real expensive tests. I'm kinda stunned at this. But
she's still the same old her on the outside.

We went to see finding Nemo. It was cool. My eyes got
watery at the emotional parts, and I got scared of the open
sea. I laughed my ass off when it came to the turtles
though. I'm going to buy myself a nice turtle ring like I
planned to a while back. I'm just like those dudacious
australian turtles, except I'm not high or australian.
That's it for today.
Oh by the way, this is the day this diary becomes personal
not open to the public. It is also the day I transition
from high school to my self being.

The candles are almost burned out... I must be going to
continue my shopping. I'll check with this diary when I am
my new I