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2003-06-29 13:01:44 (UTC)

The past week

Ok on the 22nd of June, I celebrated my birthday (19th). It
was suppose to be a picnic in Greenwich Park but the
weather was bad, so I had it at my house instead. All my
friends came and it was good, had a party lunch and then at
around 6pm we went drinking. It was fun and so good to see
everyone again.

Friday I went to TGI Fridays in Bluewater, a shopping
center near Dartford. It was Michael birthday, had a nice
meal with a few friends and went drinking afterwards ^_^.
That night I broke up with Nahum. Nahum I've only seen
since thursday the 19th and I broke it off. Reason being I
just wasn't ready for a relationship, I felt bad, I felt
that I led him on. We're still friends and I'm going to go
cinema with him on the 5th, oh well lets just have fun.
Today I'm going to go to Lloyds, the same place I went to
go drinking on my birthday, for a get together with a few
old friends. See you some other time ;)