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2003-06-29 05:34:59 (UTC)

American Chopper

I am not much for reality shows. But, I am addicted to
American Chopper on the Discovery Channel. It's strange,
but there's just something about watching the father/son
interaction and also watching a motorcycle being built
from nuts and bolts into something able to be ridden.

It's also cool that they are all doing something that they
love. Sure, it's still a job. The stress is still there,
and you have to work and take what comes. But the end
result is something to be proud of. And these bikes are
gorgeous. Wow.

But this show also makes me kind of sad. Sad because I
don't have that passion about anything. I can take it or
leave it. I so wish I just had this ingrained curiousity
about something, anything. But I don't. I know I've talked
about this before (well, written, but you know what I mean)
but I really do wish there was.......something.

I'm up late as I went to the dentist this morning for 3
cavities. Not new ones, but to have old ones drilled out
and refilled. *sigh* Not fun. My mouth has been numb
almost all day and it was obnoxious and yuck so I slept
most of today. Now that I'm less numb, I can feel that
there is too much filling and one side of my mouth hits
before the other when I close my mouth. In other words,
the teeth on the right side of my mouth are higher than
the ones on the left. So I get to go all weekend not
really being able to eat.

At least I have the weekend off.